The Dirty Dozen

IMG_0394Sunday mornings. A time where most normal people like to spend lazing around, drinking cups of tea, having breakfast in bed or snuggling under their duvets.

Not Gemma, Graham and I!

Graham invited the two of us to London to help at a BBQ. Well that’s what we were told: in reality it was a competition where two teams of 6 top chefs and a number of students went head-to-head in a BBQ cook out. Each team was to prepare and cook dishes that were small, quick and easy to cook.

Leaving Cambridge at 8, we got to the pub at 9:50 and were the first college to arrive. Remember Murry from the Milton Keynes competition? He was our team captain.  Along with top chefs Matt Gillan, John Feeney, Rob Kennedy and Mark Poynton, we had a great team.

IMG_0403The event was organised by Murry. All of the meat was supplied by Dingley Dell Pork, and all proceeds were donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust.Gemma, Graham and I were put onto making the dough for the naan breads, which later would be filled with haggis. Sounds unappetising, but they were really good! To make a lot of naan dough you’ll need:

  • IMG_0424
    Haggis naan with chilli sauce, pickled vegetables and smoked pork loin

    3kg self-raising flour

  • Pinch salt
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 can condensed milk
  • Splash oil
  • Water

Sieve the flour into a large bowl. Beat eggs, salt and milk together. Slowly incorporate this mix into the flour – if using an electronic mixer, remember to use a dough hook! Once the egg mix is fully incorporated, add enough water so the flour and egg mix creates a dough making sure it’s not too sticky.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Towards the end of the event Gemma and I went around to most of the sections trying the dishes. My favourite was Matt Gillian’s “Man Bun” and the BBQ Pork Jowl & Bacon Jam Doughnuts by John Feeney.

There were 6 judges which included some of the UK rugby team, top chefs and singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor. I can now officially say I have cooked for celebrities! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m a big fan of meeting as many celebrities as I can.

Two lovely girls from East Kent College

We left early, around 6. I knew London traffic was bad, but I didn’t realise just how bad. It took us almost two hours to travel approximately 10 miles. Once on the motorway, we were able to sail back up to Cambridge. Talking and, mentioning no names *Graham*, singing badly to Whitney and Mariah. It was an interesting drive back home.

The day was incredible and was so much fun, and I hope there’s more of those days to come.

We met two lovely girls from East Kent College, Emily and Eden. Check out Emily’s blog here.



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